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Life and Location changes have pushed me to update and rebuild my site. New life info, new blogs and new look all coming soon so stay tuned.

About Me

Hi, my name is Brian Ervin. I'm a husband to a beautiful woman, a dad to two dogs, and a good friend to many. I am a born nerd; I was put here to take things apart and put them back together, as well as combine unlike things in imaginative ways. Some of my interests are, but not limited to, keeping a smile on my wife's face, staying out of debt, stopping the dogs from screwing up the carpet, dodging deadlines, jumping on bandwagons, walking fine lines, keeping my head above water, putting all the pieces together, jumping to conclusions, running around in circles, rocking the masses, humoring myself, trying optimism, finding a common ground, dishing dirt, and giving it all I have to be one of the best husbands alive.
I love computers, creativity, drumming, and can do all three very well. If you’re looking for a funny and creative guy for web design, graphic design, computer repair or to help you look cool on stage playing drums in your band, then I'm the guy for you! Hit me up, I’m always down for meeting new people, tackling new adventures, and making new friends!
Cheers, Brian

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Computer on the fritz? Cancelling your gig because your drummer has to wash his hair? Contact me I have fixes for both those scenarios!

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If it's computer or Music related, I have something you're looking for! 20+ years experience in both so give me a call!

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