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Web Design

I am passionate about crafting digital experiences that blend creativity, functionality, and user-centric design. As a dedicated...


I find my true calling in the world of visual storytelling and creativity as a graphics creator. Armed with a vivid...

Video Editing

I thrive in the realm of visual storytelling as a passionate video editor. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a love...

Computer Repair

If your computer has reached its last life or it's just not going as fast as it used to, I can give you tips on...


Want to build a gaming PC and dont know the current hardware available? Do you have questions...

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Hi There

Hi, my name is Brian Ervin. I'm a husband to a beautiful woman, a dad to two dogs, and a good friend to many. I am a born nerd; I was put here to take things apart and put them back together, as well as combine unlike things in imaginative ways. Some of my interests are, but not limited to, keeping a smile on my wife's face, staying out of debt, stopping the dogs from screwing up the carpet, dodging deadlines, jumping on bandwagons, walking fine lines, keeping my head above water, putting all the pieces together, jumping to conclusions, running around in circles, rocking the masses, humoring myself, trying optimism, finding a common ground, dishing dirt, and giving it all I have to be one of the best husbands alive. I love computers, creativity, graphics, youtube and drumming, and can do all five very well. If you’re looking for a funny and creative guy for web design, graphic design, video editing, computer repair or to help you look cool on stage playing drums in your band, then I'm the guy for you! Hit me up, I’m always down for meeting new people, tackling new adventures, and making new friends! Cheers, Brian

Brian Ervin
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Odd Question...need a drummer for your band? I do that too!

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Every Day is a New Challenge

I'm a dedicated and diligent professional who thrives on hard work and embraces challenges. With a passion for excellence, I excel as a web designer, graphic designer, video editor, and computer repair expert. My commitment to constant improvement and my innate ability to swiftly grasp new concepts enable me to adapt and learn quickly. Whether crafting visually stunning websites, creating captivating graphics, honing my video editing skills to perfection, or troubleshooting computer issues, I approach every task with enthusiasm, tenacity, and a hunger for growth. My versatility and eagerness to refine my skills make me an asset in delivering high-quality results across these diverse domains.

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